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Our Story | PROCOVR® Companies

As a husband of over 15 years and a father of 4 beautiful girls, I know how easy it is to get so busy at life that you find yourself and your physical appearance becoming a low priority. 

At the PROCOVR® companies, we believe that when you take charge of how you look, you take charge of your destiny.

Hair care and hair appearance is an extremely personal topic that plays an important role in how we feel about ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world around us.  Suffering from the various forms of hair loss can make a person feel as if their appearance doesn't match who they are inside. I too have felt this same way. It made me feel embarrassed, full of anxiety and makes you feel as if you are being judged by an appearance that doesn't reflect how you view and feel about yourself.

When my hair started thinning in my early 30's, I didn't want to believe it at first. I first thought that the hairs I saw in my hands as I was shampooing in the shower, were normal.  That thinking was a mistake because it only got worse. Out of fear, I decided to take a stance and act immediately. After months and months of trying dozens of online products and medications from my doctor, I still hadn't found a solution that I was able to integrate into my daily grooming routine. A successful hair solution to me was defined as:

1. Quick & Simple to use

2. Low-Key Design & Able to use On-The-Go

3. Effective Ingredients the work

So after years of ingredients research, consulting medical doctors, meeting with cosmeceutical industry professionals; I finally found a combination of solutions that were working for me.  After carefully vetting ingredient suppliers, I decided to invest my money and further develop my own hair loss solutions into a product that met all of my success measurements. I was so excited to share with other sufferers what I had discovered and developed. That research and development was the beginning of the GQ Crown™ brand of hair products that later became the foundation of the PROCOVR® umbrella of companies. Our areas of expertise include - colored topical hair loss solutions, medicated hair growth products, personal grooming & care products and ethnic skin care solutions. 

At PROCOVR®, we truly believe that when you finally take control of your appearance, you also grow in other ways: in confidence, inner strength, and in feeling more empowered to help others around you grow too.

Lessons I learned early in life truly apply -

-As long as you're a good person - everything is gonna be ALLLLRIGHT. Always has and always will.

-The more you know, the more you grow.....and knowing is half the battle.


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